Do you seem to know what people want or need better than they do?

Take pride in guiding stakeholders to identify & prioritize all the right stuff they need for new solutions and/or products. Thrive on elaborating details, analyzing processes methodically, and bridging the gap between business needs and technical development requirements.

We are seeking both Business Analysts and Scrum Masters to join our remote based team on both a contract and full time basis!

Are you:

Earnest and hardworking, thorough, and very efficient in completing the work at hand.

Would you describe yourself as:

  • Curious; enjoy learning the nuts & bolts of systems, then applying them to a methodology
  • Problem solving is rewarding – unceasingly ‘fixing’ things
  • Deliberate and matter of fact with your communication
  • Easygoing, respectful, and show independent initiative
  • A person who likes to cross items off their list as they’re completed


Have You:

Had 2-5 years experience:

  • Working with key stakeholders to gather & interpret business needs in a software development enviroment
  • Translating business needs into Requirements for technical development teams
  • Acting as a liaison between the business stakeholders and technical teams
  • Working with technical teams to write extensive sets of User Acceptance Criteria (UAT) to be used for QA Testing.
  • Using forward thinking to identify gaps in the Requirements and/or Acceptance Criteria
  • Representing project stakeholders throughout the Requirements gathering and development process.
  • Creating & prioritizing a backlog of requirements through development of User Stories in an Agile environment.
  • Supporting a scrum team and ensuring the project is run efficiently & effectively.
  • Supporting both the business and development teams in requirements implementation and scope change through the end of the project life cycle in an Agile environment.
  • Experience/exposure to a variety of Agile project management tools such as Jira, PivotalTracker and Aha!


We Are:

We are comprised of some of the most talented thinkers, designers, and developers from across the country. We are a collective without walls and without limits. We are not confined by the walls of a studio space. We are passionate about your success and journey there.

Modifly operates under an open vacation policy that focuses on deliverables & ‘getting things done’, not clocking-in. Since all personnel work remotely, you can literally work from anywhere. It is your responsibility to make sure you are available during your teams working hours if you are on a different time zone. While we are unable to provide a full benefits package at this time, our team appreciates the benefits of working remote and living their life where they want while being part of pretty sweet team!


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Remote: Business Analyst/Scrum Master

  • Accepted file types: pdf.





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